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EgrafTech history has been written by persons having great care and attention to technological innovation and research oriented to the print quality. It is a entrepreneurial history involving men and their ideas.

Established in 1970 as Elettrograf, the company is a small service firm offering technical assistance to leading pre-press companies on the equipment existing at that time: enlargers, processors, the first B/W scanners, etc..
At Mid Seventies, the first plate processor is projected and manufactured.
The passion and the creativity of the people working at EgrafTech are transformed into a solid and reliable machine.

EgrafTech becomes soon leader in the Italian pre-press automation market.
The technological innovation has always been one of the values on which our work has been built, which has allowed us to manufacture a state-of-the-art processor for CtP thermal plates and complete lines for the plate treatment.
Our competence, gained by an activity which has been lasting for more than fourty years, makes now possible to offer a global service ranging from the design to the manufacturing of high quality and reliable equipment, with a great and scrupulous attention to advice and assistance.

Careful proceeding grants the value of our production process, always aiming to get the best value of plants and to praise human resources.

The never-ending up-dating process, together with the capability to understand customer's needs, has allowed EgrafTech to increase its presence in both the Italian and the international markets, implementing projects on behalf of major companies.
Egraf’s management and staff have been able to transform a personal and innovative attention towards the process for print automation into a company project acknowledged by everyone.

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